Targeted Enterprise Development



Have you a good idea or theory? Do you want to know whether it  is really functioning in practice? We help you to decide what is the most suitable and profitable business form to you  for realizing your dreams. We will build the most appropriate business environment with which your idea to become rality.


Process                           Applied means                                  Results




We help you to be able minimize your risks in company acquisition efforts or planning a long collaboration with another organization. As the result of the independent review it can be seen clearly the Company's operations, the inherent risks, opportunities and values.

  • To define goodwill.
  • To examine the resource coveragy, capacity utilisation (financial, assets, human  resource, technology), and to determine the demands.
  • Based on available information, future projection and scenario descriptions.
  • Conformity assessment by property needs and interpretation.  Bringing foreward proposals for corrections required. 

Indicative events which may require rapid intervention  (are non-exhaustive):
  • Defaults of payment (suppliers payments, income delays – liquidity problems);
  • Changes in climate of workplace (change in moral, fellowship quarrels and disharmony);
  • Increasing of reclamations and scrap numbers (examination of employeers motivations);
  • Increasing of costs (fixed and variable costs);
  • Decreasing of income (realignement of marketing and production costs etc.)


Process                           Applied means                                  Results





Having explored area where corrections to be required, we determine  and establish the corrective action plans required and its methodes of realization.

Exploring and mapping the property interests, we bring foreward proposals for taking actions to  implememt into enterprise activities.

Setting up priority order (having determined areas required urgent the most appropriate responses for preventing imminent danger – holding meetings creditors to achive new agreements for scheduling payments)


To stat the reorganizasion in that field(s) require(s) urgent responses


Organisation development (optimalisation of organisational structure in order to  reach aims targeted)

Modul analysis, resource allocation, department development (Human Resource, IT, Finance, Logistics, Research & Development, Production, know-how production, Legal harmonisation etc.)

Process management, introdution, implementation and  application in practice of decision support systems.



To put enterprise on sustainable path 


To complete this task, in addition currently known and used economic indicators, we use new results of scientific researches and analysis related to build up the enterprises moduls.

Process                           Applied means                                  Results





We take a chance on long-distance monitoring of enterprises have put on sustainable path. All  that you have to do is send us the predefined recors in order to evaluate the  results of changes that have been made. If higher percentage of deviation is expected compared to predefined aims (setting up a tolerance treshold), we will bring foreward proposals for corrections required.


Process                           Applied means                                  Results