Farm business planning

According to requirements of sustainable and multifunctional agriculture we organize the complex and high value added activities into integrated unit.

Planning as well a complex agricultural enterprise as its activity (activities) we keep in mind that all activities should be transferred/ or designed so that they are viable alternative to constantly changing economic environment. Thus, the design demands the best possible assessment, based on the economic calculations we elaborate different technological alternatives of production, specifying the anticipated revenues and the operating costs, analyzing the possible production alternatives with economical indicators of farm management (modeling crop production and animal farming technologies.

In addition, relatively accurately we determine the required investment and operating costs and from annual operating data we prepare cash-flow and financial statements. Setting up such dynamic indicators (i.e. NPV, IRR, MIRR), which take into account the time factor; we prepare the possible capital recovery and profit-generating ability statement of the farm activities, too.

We belive that the countryside is the Country of Value creating.